Do Clear Aligners Fix Underbites?

Do Clear Aligners Fix Underbites? from Colella Cosmetic Dentistry in Coconut Creek, FLUnderbites are serious issues, but clear aligners can often fix them. If left untreated, underbites can cause serious oral health concerns. Treating the problem is vital to getting a better smile. Keep reading to learn more about the role of clear aligners.

Fixing underbites with clear aligners

Aligners can work for some kinds of underbites. A severe underbite might need more treatments, such as surgery. That way, the dentist can correct the jaw’s position. Sometimes, a patient might combine clear aligner therapy with other kinds of treatment. That way, it will work better.

Patients can expect to wear the aligners for about two weeks each. Then it is time to replace them with the next set. People have to wear these aligners for 22 hours each day or more. That does leave enough time for eating and cleaning the teeth. Each new tray gently guides the teeth to the new location.

About underbites

An underbite refers to incorrectly positioned teeth. It happens when the teeth at the bottom stick out too much compared to the upper ones. The lower jaw goes too far forward. If there is an underbite, it might be difficult to eat food properly. Plus, it can cause the teeth to wear out faster.

The underbite might happen because of genetics, poor habits, or an injury. If the underbite was inherited, the parents might also have it. Some habits can increase the chances of having an underbite. That includes:

  • Tongue thrusting, which involves using the tongue to push on the teeth
  • Thumb-sucking
  • Using a bottle too long
  • Using a pacifier
  • Having an injury, which might damage the jawbone, misaligning the teeth
  • Tumors, which might misalign the teeth

Fixing the underbite

There are many reasons that patients should choose to fix an underbite. It is essential to correct the issue as soon as possible. Many patients find the underbite unattractive, making the smile unpleasant. That might lead to low self-esteem because of embarrassment about the situation. Some patients might not want to smile.

However, some oral health concerns might arise from having an underbite, as well. That could include quicker wear and tear on the teeth since the enamel will wear out. It might also result in poor oral care since it is harder to clean the teeth with so many misalignments. That might result in decay.

Decay might also result because of too much wear. The enamel is necessary for protecting the teeth. Some patients might have jaw issues, as well. A severe underbite might lead to TMJ. That is a severe disorder that has to get addressed right away. The good news is clear aligners can correct these and many other issues.

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Learn more about clear aligners by making an appointment

Patients who want to know more about clear aligners can make an appointment. The dentist can help the patient learn whether aligners are right for fixing their oral health issues. That way, the patient will have improved health. Making an appointment today is the first step toward a better smile.

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