How Long Do Clear Aligners Treatments Take?

How Long Do Clear Aligners Treatments Take? from Colella Cosmetic Dentistry in Coconut Creek, FLWhen a patient begins teeth-straightening treatments, clear aligners are a great option. However, some patients might wonder about the length of the treatment time. It might feel frustrating that the process seems to take a while. Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect and how long the treatment will most likely last.

A quick and easy treatment

After getting the aligners from the dentist, the patient can start the treatment immediately. The patient will usually need to wear the aligners for 22 hours or longer each day. These should only come out for cleaning and eating. Each set of trays will be used for a week to two weeks, depending on the treatment plan.

Next, the patient will move on to the next aligner set. The average time to treat the teeth might be six months to a year. Sometimes, the case might finish sooner. In other cases, the treatment might require a few more months. Overall, patients can expect the length to depend on their severity.

Advantages of clear aligners

These offer a convenient, comfortable experience. Traditional types of braces might be less comfortable because of the wires and brackets. Aligners are also discreet since no one can tell someone is wearing them. If the case is not very complicated, a patient might only need to have aligners for a few months. However, for complicated ones, a patient might need to commit to two years or even longer.

Even though the treatment might take several months, patients might notice results after just a few rounds of trays. These results are often minimal at first, but it will not take long to see these changes. These might be faster or slower than the changes other patients notice. However, patients should remember that the result will be the same. That will be a straighter and more attractive smile.

The patient’s role in clear aligners treatment

The treatment has to be supervised by the dentist. However, once it begins, patients have some responsibility as well. For the right results, patients will need to comply with the personalized treatment plan. The dentist will suggest the right way to wear the aligners each day.

The treatment length can vary depending on the patient. However, it is essential to wear the aligners for 22 hours or more each day. That is crucial to do throughout the process. It is possible to take out the aligners for short times, such as drinking or eating. If the patient does not wear them enough, the aligners might take longer to work. That includes a longer time to wear the aligners.

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Make your clear aligners appointment today

Patients interested in clear aligners should talk to the dentist. That way, the dentist can help them decide on the right treatment option. Clear aligner treatment times can vary. However, patients can make the most of the treatment by wearing the aligners often enough. Making an appointment today is the first step toward a beautiful smile.

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