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Many individuals experience symptoms of TMJ, and Botox® is becoming a popular way to treat the illness. TMJ can be very painful and cause a lot of discomfort in your jawbone. It has been known to cause muscle aching and a clicking sound while moving the jaw, and in some cases, it will cause the jaw to lock. 

We all have a joint inside our jaw that acts as a hinge. It slides back and forth to allow your jawbone to create the movements required to chew, yawn, talk, and more. Many experience discomfort and pain when this joint is not working properly. 

Once you are diagnosed with this condition, there is no need to worry. The good news is TMJ is a treatable condition. Your dentist could offer you several options to treat this condition. All of the options will allow you to get back to your life pain-free from the symptoms of this condition. 

Botox advantages 

TMJ can be very painful. Your dentist could suggest physical therapy, medication, and in some cases, surgery. However, one treatment is becoming very successful. This would be Botox. This treatment option can prove to provide excellent results. 

This injection disengages the jaw muscles to ease chronic TMJ pain. It reduces spasms and tension in the neck. It helps with headaches and teeth grinding as well. 

Many patients notice after treatment, they have a fuller range of motion in their jaw, and the symptoms are significantly reduced. The advantages of this treatment by far outweigh any side effects that a person may experience. 

Side effects

Even though this is a very practical way to ease the pain of TMJ, there are still certain side effects that you may experience. You could have headaches brought on by the injection and also develop nausea for a short time after. Some patients have also noticed temporary eyelid drooping and sometimes have respiratory infections. 

This medication is safe and effective, but you should always discuss the risks and all of the side effects with your dentist before you go ahead with the treatment. 

What causes TMJ?

TMJ can be brought on for several reasons. Many individuals who experience TMJ had some type of orthopedic condition before it started. TMJ is also associated with inflammation and sore muscles.  

Studies have also shown that women are more at risk of developing TMJ than men, and in some cases, it may be related to your genes. The studies are only a base of knowledge when it comes to finding out why a person can develop this medical condition. 

Regardless of the reasons you have TMJ, you should still always seek treatment to help with the symptoms. You can discuss what is best for you with your dentist. If there is a way to make you feel less pain and be more comfortable, you should always try. 

Payment options

As with any medical condition, you can feel free to call your insurance company and discuss the cost of this type of treatment for your condition with your doctor. Your insurance company may pay for most or all of it if it is medically necessary, depending on your contract with them. You will, in some cases, be left with an out-of-pocket expense for a copay or if it is applied to your deductible. 

Patients want to make sure they are aware of the costs of their procedure upfront so they are not left with a bill they can not pay. If you go into the treatment knowing you will owe a bill, discuss your payment options with the doctor’s office staff before making any final decisions. 

Discuss options with your dentist

If you feel you are experiencing symptoms related to TMJ, always have a conversation with your dentist. They are the first line of defense and can properly diagnose you so you can be treated as early as possible.

The longer you put off dealing with your symptoms, the longer you will be in pain and risk needing surgery down the road. You have no reason to suffer the pain and discomfort of TMJ in today’s society. There is relief out there for you, and you should take advantage of the opportunity. 

If a simple injection can ease your issues, it is worth bringing up with your dentist. No one should be in pain or risk their jaw locking up when they eat, yawn, or experience unnecessary pain. Be proactive in your health. 

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