Tips for Dealing with Sensitivity after Whitening Coconut Creek, FL

Tips for Dealing with Sensitivity after Whitening

You want whiter, brighter teeth, but you do not enjoy the sensitivity that lingers after the procedure. There are a number of ways you can have whiter teeth with less nerve sensitivity. One of the most important is to have your teeth whitening in Boca Raton done at the dentist’s office. This way, you can be sure someone with skill and knowledge is handling the procedure, so you do not have pain or poor results.

As a matter of fact, many patients who receive teeth whitening in Boca Raton say they are not troubled with sensitivity when the GLO system is used. There is no tray involved with this new system that brightens teeth up to five shades. Instead, LED light and heat activate a professional-strength whitening gel that is applied directly to teeth from a vial. There’s no hydrogen peroxide involved to cause tooth sensitivity.

Tooth whitening does not have to be painful with the right products from an experienced dentist who does not want to see patients suffer. Instead, you have a pain-free option performed at a dentist’s office for the first application with four treatments for you to do at home. Plus, you get a dentist’s advice on foods and drinks to avoid that would interfere with the whitening process.