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When Tooth Pain Is a Sign of Infection

Chronic tooth pain may be a sign that a more serious infection is present below the surface. While pain can be masked by medication or other remedies, not addressing the issue at the source can lead to more complications down the road. We find that many of our patients experience tooth pain as a result of infection or inflammation in the tooth root. Whether due to oral trauma, disease, or decay, an infected tooth that goes untreated can cause more than chronic tooth pain—it can lead to health concerns and even the loss of the tooth! Our gentle root canal therapy is geared toward saving your tooth, and will relieve your tooth pain and restore proper function.

Tooth Restored, Pain Free

Root canal therapy is a simple procedure, but requires proper diagnosis from a skilled dentist. We take x-rays of your mouth and check for signs of infection during your appointment. Your root canal procedure begins with a numbing of the area and any additional sedation needed to make your treatment as painless as possible. Next, we remove a portion of the tooth crown to access the pulp chamber, which is thoroughly cleaned of all bacteria. Once sanitized, we fill the area with gutta-percha, a rubber-like material that permanently fills the chamber. Finally, we will cap the tooth with a dental crown to seal off the tooth. Once root canal therapy is complete, you will be free of any tooth pain and the function and aesthetics of your original tooth will be restored!

Common tooth infection symptoms:

  • Chronic tooth pain
  • Dark-colored tooth
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Sharp pain when biting or chewing
  • Tender, swollen lymph nodes
  • Fever or related illness
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Gentle Treatment Aimed at Eliminating Pain

Root Canals Coconut Creek, FL

Root canal therapy may sound like an extensive procedure, but it is treatment we provide on a regular basis. Dr. Candace Colella is skilled at performing root canals that are virtually painless and eliminate infection at its source and fully restore your tooth. If you have been living with tooth pain, do not hesitate to contact us. Treatment now could save your tooth and protect your health!

Relief from your chronic tooth pain is possible!