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Rebuild Bone Volume with Bone Grafting

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Tooth Loss and Your Jaw

Patients with missing teeth oftentimes find that the height and width of their jaw bone recedes as a result. For patients with significant tooth loss, this deterioration of the bone can cause the “sunken in” facial appearance. Without the presence of teeth, many issues can arise, including shifting of remaining teeth and poor bite alignment, among others. In these situations, we provide a bone graft procedure to reestablish the volume of the jaw bone. This can be done after a tooth extraction, in conjunction with a sinus lift, or in preparation for dental implants.

Our Custom Treatment Process

Many patients are candidates for a bone graft procedure if they want dental implants, or experienced jaw bone loss after gum disease, oral trauma, or tooth loss. Dr. Candace Colella will be able to assess the extent of your jaw bone loss at your consultation to determine your custom treatment process. During your bone graft procedure, we take healthy bone tissue from your body or a donor source and place it at the sites that need rebuilding. The area is covered and secured with sutures to encourage rapid integration with the existing bone. Within a few months, your jaw bone will be strong and healthy and ready for dental implants if you so choose. We may also provide a sinus lift, ridge augmentation or preservation, or guided tissue regeneration in conjunction with your bone graft to ensure your jaw bone is fully prepared for dental implant placement.

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Restoring Healthy Bone Levels

Healthy jaw bone volume is vital to maintaining the structure of your teeth and face, especially if you are interested in dental implants. We can perform a bone graft procedure after every tooth extraction for this reason. Bone graft procedures are very common, and we take a gentle approach to your treatment. We provide sedation dentistry options if local anesthesia is not enough to relax our patients. If you are considering dental implants, or have noticed that your teeth are shifting, schedule a consultation with our office.

Bone Grafting Coconut Creek, FL

A bone graft offers many benefits, including:

  • Maintains proper facial shape
  • Restores healthy bone volume
  • Protects existing teeth
  • Improves bite alignment
  • Allows for dental implant placement

Learn how bone grafting can benefit you today.