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Rebuild Bone Volume with Bone Grafting

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Tooth Loss and Your Jaw

Teeth loss not only affects your appearance, but it creates a problem with your jaw bone as well. Fortunately, Colella Cosmetic Dentistry has an advanced and effective solution for tooth and bone loss. It’s called bone grafting. Our dentist in Coconut Creek, FL, performs this treatment after tooth extraction, in conjunction with a sinus lift, or in preparation for dental implants. Find out how we can restore the function and health of your mouth by scheduling an evaluation today. A bone graft offers many benefits, including:

  • Maintains Proper Facial Shape
  • Restores Healthy Bone Volume
  • Protects Existing Teeth
  • Improves Bite Alignment
  • Allows for Dental Implant Placement

Creating a Strong and Healthy Jaw Bone

There are several reasons why someone could experience bone loss. It happens primarily if a person has untreated gum disease, oral trauma, or tooth loss. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Candace Colella, will assess the extent of your jaw bone loss at your consultation and then determine your custom treatment process. This procedure involves grafting, or adding, bone or bonelike materials to your jaw. After surgery, we cover the area and secure it with sutures to encourage healing and rapid integration with the existing bone. After a few short months, your newly regenerated jaw bone is ready for dental implants. In Coral Springs, FL, our dental team also provides a sinus lift, ridge augmentation or preservation, or guided tissue regeneration. We do this in conjunction with your bone graft to ensure your jaw bone is fully prepared for dental implant placement.

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Do You Need Bone Regeneration?

If you have experienced minor or major bone loss in your jaw, then bone regeneration is the answer. Since the body has an amazing ability to heal, bone grafting takes advantage of that. The success rate of the procedure depends on your health condition, the amount of bone loss, and type of materials we use. In addition, the earlier you receive treatment, the better. It’s also important to follow post-treatment guidelines to increase your chances of a successful procedure and prevent bone loss from recurring. Bone graft procedures are very common, and we take a gentle approach to your treatment. We provide sedation dentistry options if local anesthesia is not enough to relax our patients. If you think you need bone grafting in Coconut Creek, FL, schedule a consultation at our office today.
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Bone Grafting Coconut Creek, FL

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