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A general dentist can provide the right snoring treatment. Air that passes through a narrowed throat produces vibrations that then produce sound. Snoring can be disruptive. Studies show that it may increase one’s risk for chronic diseases. Seeing a dentist can help treat snoring. Here are three options that you can consider as snoring treatment.

1. Palatal treatments

Radiofrequency snoring treatment needs local anesthesia. The dentist will use heat to firm up parts of the soft palate. The patient must go to the clinic for this procedure. Many sessions may be necessary to get the right results.

Palatal implant surgery involves placing suspension sutures or stiff fiber implants into the soft palate. The patient will receive a local anesthetic for this snoring treatment. This snoring treatment will reduce the flutter and vibration that leads to snoring. The suspension sutures may also lift or shorten the palate. There will be little downtime and discomfort.

Injection snoreplasty also needs local anesthesia. The patient will have it in the clinic. Here, the dentist will inject a specific chemical into the soft palate. The area will develop some scarring and inflammation. This will stiffen the palate, which will bring down the snoring and vibration. A common chemical for this snoring treatment is sodium tetradecyl sulfate.

2. Structural surgery

People with a deviated septum tend to snore. The inferior turbinate reduction can correct this issue. This surgery uses a micro-debrider or radiofrequency. Patients often get radiofrequency treatments in a clinic with local anesthesia. Septoplasty will need an operating room since the patient will be under general anesthesia.

Those with enlarged adenoids and tonsils tend to snore. This can disturb the patient’s sleep. Tonsils are groups of lymphoid tissue behind the tongue or throat. Adenoids are lymphoid tissue behind the nose. Some people stop snoring after the removal of their adenoids or tonsils.

Removing adenoids or tonsils will need an operating room. The patient will be under general anesthesia. There will be a downtime of about a week. Most people endure a sore throat for two weeks. Bleeding may also happen at least a week after these procedures.

3. Over-the-counter solutions

Some people resort to over-the-counter remedies for snoring. Many companies manufacture products that promise to stop this sleep sound. Some people may find them effective, but others may not. Here are some of them:

  • Nasal resistance valves are single-use devices that can create pressure behind the nose. This pressure comes from the resistance the valves produce when the person breathes out of the nose. Many people do not tolerate this snoring treatment.
  • Placing nasal dilator strips across the sides of the nostrils and nose bridge, along with nasal inserts, can expand the nasal valve and prevent snoring. A chin strap that keeps the mouth closed can also help stop sound production.
  • Over-the-counter oral appliances do not fit well. These devices are often uncomfortable. They may even change the patient’s bite.
  • Bumper devices for people who sleep on their back promise to help stop snoring. Wearing vibrating wearable devices that alert the person to avoid being in a back sleeping position can help as well for some people.
  • Allergy management may reduce nasal congestion. This treatment can help minimize snoring.

Lifestyle changes that may help stop snoring

There are people who want to use natural snoring treatment. This is possible by performing lifestyle changes. Adjusting daily routines and habits may help stop snoring. Here are some changes that one might consider:

  • Stay clean. Debris, dust, dander, or pollen can trigger allergies or block airways. This can then lead to snoring. Keeping the living area and one’s body clean can prevent allergens from triggering nasal congestion. Regular vacuuming can remove irritants in the air and on surfaces. Changing the bedding can prevent these allergens from causing chaos in the upper airways.
  • Assume the side sleeping position. This snoring treatment will prevent the tongue from falling back into the throat and blocking the upper airways. Pillows can help maintain a side sleeping position.
  • Exercise the muscles involved in snoring. Strengthening the throat, mouth, and tongue muscles is the goal of this snoring treatment. Once these muscles become stronger, they will not drop to the back of the throat, so the patient does not start snoring.
  • Lose extra weight. This snoring treatment can help one’s general health as well. Without excess fat, the throat will facilitate breathing correctly.

Your dentist can determine which snoring treatment option is right for your needs

Snoring can be irritating. It can also be an alarming warning that the individual is developing chronic diseases, such as diabetes. Seeking the help of your general dentist can help control the occurrence of your sleep disorder. Working with your dentist can lead to the possible success of your snoring treatment.

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